Fight against imperialism in Mali!

Nyheder | Torsdag, oktober 10, 2019 - 01:30

Fight against imperialism in Mali!

As we speak, the Danish parliament will decide whether or not further airplanes and troops will be sent to Mali – an imperialist war, which is thoroughly stained by economic interests. Since the Parliament voted in favor of a similar mission back in 2015, which Socialist Youth Front and the Red-Green Alliance were opponents to, the conflict in Mali has only become more corrupt and led to uncountable deaths and destabilization of the country. Let's make an end to the imperialist invasions and build peace in internationalist comradeship!

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Mali is a former French colony in West Africa, which gained juridical independence in 1960, but the country’s wealthy productions and supply of gold, uranium and cotton are still under alien control - especially from multinationals. The colonial heritage of Mali is still shown when the country despite its resources is still one of the poorest and most corrupt countries of the world. It is out of this neocolonial draining and foreign development that the country’s conflicts have evolved, and if we are to secure lasting peace in the country, we have to fight the inheritance from colonization through support for local democracy, humanitarian aid and recognition of the right for communities to declare independence from the central government.

The country has been subject to a series of invasions since 2013 led by France - Mali’s former colonizers and a country with huge economic interests in the conflict. Countries like France, Germany, and Danmark have chosen to ignore the exploitation by multinationals that has led to rising poverty, corruption and, as a result, armed conflicts - and has instead chosen to treat the conflict symptomatic by adding armed men into the conflict.

It is in the light of this neocolonialism that this military invasion should be looked upon. The western governments feel compelled to make sure that big corporations aren't disturbed by rebel groups. Peace is necessary when pillaging the locals.

In SUF we don’t believe that foreign military can solve the conflicts of Mali, which has grown out of western exploitation of the country since the 19th century. The many foreign invasions of the country, whether they fight under the banner of “war against terror” or “peacekeeping”, has since 2013 only managed to further destabilize areas threatened by conflicts. In too many years western countries have bombed developing countries and exploited their resources, and the winners of these conflicts are anyone but the working class.


The grim company of the Parliament 

Many of the governments' more progressive supports have stressed, that the mission is a peacekeeping effort with a clear mandate from the UN. But it is political naivety to believe that if the UN has approved a bomb, the bomb will serve our cause, or that the people who are subject to the bomb will be less hurt by a UN-bomb than if the bomb had been Chinese, Saudi Arabian or American.

The UN is an organ which like the EU and IMF suffers from a huge democratic deficit and is governed by neoliberal governments as well as military dictatorships. We would never trust the leaders behind the foreign invasions of Mali if they stood separated before us. Therefore we don’t trust the UN blindly when these leaders stand together.

If one is to use the UN’s approval seal of the project as an argument for their support, all alarm bells should ring. Whose company are you suddenly joining?

The MINUSMA-effort, which the Danish contribution is supposed to support, has collaboration and support of the Mali government, who are oppressing minorities of the northern part of the country, as its core priority. The effort has been accused of arming groups, who are known to have done atrocities to civilians. At the same time, an authorization of the French troops lies in the effort’s mandate, despite France’s clear neo-colonial interests in the country. In this conflict, the parties who vote in favor of the mission will place themselves in the company of a corrupt government, multinationals on raid as well as former colonial powers who still wants to be in control of Africa’s riches.


War is contempt of life - peace is to create!

The government and its supports, whether they label themselves as bourgeois or progressives, will presumably vote in favor of sending the further military contributions into a conflict over resources, money, and power, despite the interests of the country’s working class.

If we are to secure peace, freedom, and democracy for the people of Mali, we shouldn’t participate in neo-colonial imperialist military actions but instead, support the local struggle for local democracy and against imperialism. The people should be in power of how natural resources and production should be managed.

We demand of Denmark and the world

  • Retreat all military forces from Mali
  • Support the local unions, parties and other organization of the local population
  • Give support to the local populations who want independence from the central government
  •  Strengthen humanitarian aid, such as food, water, and medicine
  • Increase development aid, such as education, health, organizing of communities, human rights, and democracy


A greeting to our comrades

On the same congress that a program on globalization with the title “A green earth with peace and room for everyone” was passed by the members of the Red-Green Alliance, the newly elected main board of the party chose to support the mission in Mali. The support for an imperialist invasion in Mali also happens on the 100th anniversary of when the Socialists in Denmark withdrew from the Social Democrats as a consequence of the latter’s unsure positions on questions of war and imperialism. It was by this withdrawal that the political division between social democrats and socialists was localized.

The main board of the Red-Green Alliance have in this matter chosen to position themselves in the history of the world as those, who chose the war of the social democrats and the bourgeoisie, rather than position themselves amongst the working class, who are trapped in this geopolitical struggle for power over African gold, cotton and uranium.

Dear comrades in the Red-Green Alliance - please remember who you are!